UVC Blade Handheld Germicidal Fixtures

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The American Ultraviolet UVC Blade is a handheld, portable UV disinfection fixture designed to destroy bacteria and viruses on commonly touched and contaminated surfaces in the home, office, or while travelling. Disinfect items like computer keyboards, remote controls, food preparation surfaces, bathrooms, children's toys and other items and areas where microbial contamination may be an issue.

The Blade can also be effectively used for mold remediation.
Click here to watch a video demonstration of how the Blade should be used.

*Always wear the supplied UV Safety glasses (included) when operating the Blade.


  • Spectrally polished aluminum reflector for maximum UVC output
  • Quick and easy lamp-change that require no tools
  • On/off safety switch; and UVC safety glasses
  • Oversized, comfortable handle for comfortable grip
  • Convenient plug in to any standard 120V outlet

Tech Specs

  • 120V/60Hz
  • Provides ≥735µW-s/cm² of UVC intensity @ 6"
  • 18"L x 5"Wx6.25"H
  • 6' three-prong power cord
  • Uses one SBL350T shatterproof germicidal UVC lamp
  • Lightweight aluminum housing is sturdy, yet weighs less than 5lbs.


On what surfaces can I use The Blade?
>> The Blade can be used on just about any surface (other than the eyes and skin of people and animals). While it will achieve best results on smooth non-porous surfaces, it is still incredibly useful on items like computer keyboards, remote controls and other frequently touched items.

How long does it take to work?
How fast do I wave it across the surface I want to disinfect?
How close do I hold it to the surface?
>> The Blade should be operated in the manner shown in the video on this page, being held 1-2 inches from the surface to be treated with UV light and exposing all surfaces for at least 1-2 seconds.