How to Use

Healthcare UVC dosimeter usage protocol

The dosimeters shall be used for every UVC disinfection cycle to get the best and most comprehensive results which is also in line with CDC1 and FDA2 recommendations to quality assure disinfection processes.

Usage of the dosimeters:
1) Place one card at each high touch location you identify or as otherwise directed by site
requirements. The cards can be place in a horizontal or vertical position.
Always make sure the color changing (yellow) area faces toward the UVC device.

2) Exit the room and run the disinfection cycle.

3) Verify exposure of the card and make any additional notations on the card or elsewhere
to document the colour change. Always make exposure reading within 24 hours after
disinfection cycle to get most accurate result.

4) Retain or discard the card in accord with site requirements.
The UVC dosimeter cards are one time use only and should not be used for several
disinfection cycles.

General Protocol UVC dosimeter usage protocol

For food, laboratory, clean room and other non-healthcare applications, the UVC Dosimeter can serve as a placeholder for the object, or surface, that is being exposed to UVC energy. Simply place (or attach by using the adhesive strip on the back of each dosimeter card) a dosimeter in a position as close as possible to the object or surface of concern. If dosage verification is desired on multiple faces of a 3 dimensional object (see below), multiple dosimeters should be used to verify dose to all sides of the targets.

Conveyor Application - attach the dosimeter(s) to a rigid substrate and run it through the conveyor at the speed you would be running the product through in order to determine what kind of intensity you receive.

Chamber application - place the dosimeter(s) where the object that needs to be disinfected would be into the chamber, and run the cycle or exposure time that would be run as if the object was in the disinfection chamber.
Handheld application - place or attach the dosimeter(s) in a similar location to where the surface or object that would be exposed to a handheld UVC device would be, and expose the dosimeter as if it was the surface or object.

Note: The UVC Dosimeter is only intended as a visual reference to measure accumulated
UV dose, not to determine level of cleanness.

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