Eliminator UV-C

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Sapphire In-Duct Air Sterilizer

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UVC Blade Handheld Germicidal Fixtures

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AQ Series water unit (2, 10 , 20, 50 GPM)

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UVC Dosimeters

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Trusted Provider of Top-quality Ultraviolet Equipment Since 1960

American Ultraviolet has been a trusted provider of top-quality Ultraviolet products and services since our establishment in 1960. Our expertise predominantly caters to our esteemed partners within the commercial and industrial sectors, we believe it is imperative to also extend the same level of premium quality products and services to residential, and light commercial clients.

Ultraviolet Lights for HVAC and More

Whether you’re a residential HVAC or plumbing contractor; an experienced and enthusiastic do-it-yourself homeowner; a facility manager or building owner; or anyone responsible for the Indoor Air Quality in residential and commercial spaces, you’ll find American Ultraviolet offers a wide range of UV-C products ideally suited for smaller commercial and residential applications, including:

   • UV light for HVAC to enhance the air and surface quality within the furnace

   • Inline UV-C Water Disinfection units suitable for whole-house, or point-of-use installations

   • Handheld UV-C Surface Disinfection Devices

   • UVC Dosimeters


American Ultraviolet offers UV Light Dosimeters in order to verify UVC exposure for a surface, or an instrument, in healthcare environments, including patient rooms and surgical suites; and in general applications, including food manufacturing and processing facilities, laboratories and clean rooms. UVC Dosimeters are easy-to-use playing card sized tools that increase the efficiency of UV light disinfection processes by letting you know when sufficient UVC energy has been delivered to a surface.

American Ultraviolet products are some of the simplest-to-install, user-friendly, low-maintenance, and always of the highest quality.


Affordable, Long-lasting UVC Lights

American Ultraviolet is proud of our commercial partnerships across a diverse range of industries, including healthcare, aerospace, food and beverage manufacturing, and life sciences. We also provide manufacturing companies around the world with UV products designed to cure inks, coatings, and adhesives. And we’re just as committed to serving closer to home by providing residential customers with affordable, long-lasting ultraviolet solutions.


Our commitment to customer satisfaction is underscored by our transparent pricing policy. You will not encounter exorbitant $700 UV systems that have subpar, single, low-output bulbs. Instead, American Ultraviolet offers:


   • Ultraviolet systems priced at less than half that amount

   • UV-C bulbs with a lifespan of up to 2 years before replacement

   • UV lamps with highest UV-C output among residential equipment.

   • American craftsmanship


Rest assured, when you have American Ultraviolet on your team, you are backed by a company that has been singularly dedicated to the proficient and effective application of ultraviolet technology since our inception in 1960.